Programs & Enrollment

Child Care, Hutto

6 Weeks – Pre-K


“We are big enough to offer many different learning activities and small enough to give every child personal attention”

We offer top-notch programs based on a learning curriculum with age-appropriate development skills for our students. So much more than babysitting.

I know that everyone is always looking for daycare recommendations (including myself)…The infant teacher is so caring and loves the babies like her own. My 4 year old has learned so much in just a few months and is really thriving with the pre-k topics including writing her name, recognizing/learning letters, recognizing numbers, sign language (letters and words), and much more! The director, Tasha, is so involved in every aspect of the center and makes sure all the kids and parents are happy and comfortable. Definitely recommend!

Emily Miller

Tiny Tots Program (6 weeks – 18 months)

Our loving teachers welcome you and your baby into a warm environment. Our teachers’ one-on-one interactions with infants are natural and spontaneous. Holding, soothing, establishing eye contact, playing, singing, talking, and responding vocally all help create an engaging and nurturing experience for your baby. Teachers prepare daily detailed reports with your child’s eating, sleeping, diapering, and developmental activities so you never feel like you are missing out on their development. Class size ratios 1:4 ages 6 weeks to 12 months, 1:5 12 months to 18 months

Terrific Toddlers (18 months – 2 1/2 years)

Teachers introduce routines and offer positive guidance to help give our toddlers the confidence to practice new skills and embrace new experiences. Weekly, theme-based learning plans meet the diverse needs of every child through time-tested activities. This consistent yet-changing atmosphere matches your child’s rapidly emerging interests and abilities and offers many opportunities to develop a love for early reading and math. We feel that children of this age need to have the opportunity to learn and grow through play so individual and group imaginative play will be a big part of our day. 

Tenacious 2’s and Young 3’s years

Our 2’s and young 3’s Program is designed to encourage the natural curiosity and love for learning. Our trained teachers prepare weekly, theme-based learning plans that respond to the stages and interests of each individual child, as well as to the group as a whole. Daily schedules and other routines help nurture your child’s trust and confidence. Learning centers are used for activities related to pre-literacy, math, science, dramatic and sensory play, art, and music.

Talented Tikes (Pre-K – older 3’s to Kindergarten)

Our Pre-K Program is designed to help develop the skills children need to enter Kindergarten,  Prekindergartners will concentrate on literacy-awareness activities, such as letter recognition and sounds, recognition of classmate names, storytelling, story development anticipation, print concepts, letter writing, and early spelling through phonics, writing and other literacy opportunities within classroom learning centers. More structured planning and regular routines help establish the stability and consistency students need to feel sure of themselves and help move them toward the scheduled environment of the school. We will also be working on Logic & Reasoning, and Cognitive and Developmental Skills (Arts & Science, Math and Science Skills and Physical Development) Classroom learning centers are altered periodically to correlate with the learning plans and sustain students’ interest and involvement.

We Have Fun and Exercise Outside Too!

Our day includes the following:

Learning opportunities through play and activities

Outside play


Group Learning

Arts & Crafts

Sensory Time

Center Time

 “We are big enough to offer many different learning activities and small enough to give every child personal attention”